Driving skills improvement

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Driving skills improvement

Advanced driving is the capacity of secured, systematic and smooth control of transport position and speed.

Such skill requires positive and polite attitude, high level of driving skills based on attention concentration, the capacity for efficient watching, forecasting and planning.

Advanced driver is capable to:

  • Define correct position on the road for better observation
  • Support required speed at various road conditions
  • Know the laws of physics (centrifugal force, force of friction etc)
  • Select required transmission for more elastic movement
  • Both stop and accelerate transport quickly and smoothly

Advantages of driving skills improvement trainings:

  • Life and earning capacity loss risk decrease
  • Decrease of the risk for cargoes damage during transportation
  • Insurance payments decrease
  • Repair costs decrease
  • Fuel consumption decrease

Defensive driving Course curriculum for professional and non-professional drivers:

  • Review of company policies and standards related to driving;
  • Defensive driving technique;
  • Journey management;
  • Alertness and fatigue management;
  • Effects of medication and substances abuse;
  • Safety restraint systems and safety equipment;
  • Pre-trip check and proper seating position;
  • Local driving hazards (including personal security), regulations and culture;
  • Commentary driving;
  • Assessment of driving skill and behaviour.


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