review from PEPSICO

Review from PEPSICO


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Defensive driving digital educational system

Information about participants protocol (chronicle) to electronic filling DES (digital educational system) according to (through) the application sent to our mail.

Before the beginning of courses, coordinator forms electronic educational checkout and allows to all Customers to have an access to the website (giving them private login and password).

After the courses, participants successfully passed the training are taken a photo and get certificates with an assigned identification number. Participants’ photos with information are processed and entered to database of successfully passed the training.

The results of training with detailed checklist and recommendations will be accessible for the Customer’s manager who can watch and download them just after the completion of training using private login and password.

It’s important for us to know every participants’ opinions about our training! After completion of training every participant get a message from our checkout system with a request to appreciate the training and provide feedback about our courses.

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