review from PEPSICO

Review from PEPSICO


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At “Advanced driver” training unit Ltd. we’re committed to providing the highest quality services, but occasionally we can get things wrong. If you feel we have made a mistake or done something you found unsatisfactory, we’d like to hear from you. Your views can help us see where our services or procedures might improve.

    We pledge to:
  • Treat comments seriously and deal with them properly
  • Resolve complaints promptly and informally whenever possible
  • Learn from critiques and take action to improve our service
  • Ensure confidentiality where appropriate.

Please note you cannot complain against an examiner if you fail to pass the Advanced Driver or Rider course.


How to make a complaint


Talk to us

Please call us in the first instance and speak to the person who dealt with the matter you are concerned about, as they can often help you quickly put things right. If they are not available, or you would prefer to approach someone else, then please speak to their line manager, who will try to resolve the problem.


Contact their manager

Should the person you dealt with be unable to help then please ask to speak to their line manager. If the line manager can’t help you straight away, for example if they don’t have the necessary information to hand, we’ll record your complaint and contact details and acknowledge receipt. If we can’t resolve your concern within 24 hours (for emails) and 48 hours (posted), we will let you know when you can expect to receive a full response.


Write to us

If the issue is still not resolved, you’ll need to put the complaint in writing. Please record as much detail as possible. If the line manager is unable to resolve it satisfactorily it will be referred to our customer board, chaired by the chief executive.

The board will fully investigate your complaint and acknowledge it in writing within five working days of receipt. The letter will say when you can expect a full response. However if this is not possible we will write to let you know what action is being taken and tell you when we expect to provide a full response.


Our address

“Advanced driver” Training unit Ltd
Estonskaya street, 17,
Chelyabinsk city
Russia Federation