Defensive driving - driver skills development

Defensive driving

The course on "Defensive driving" is a modern training for drivers to learn defensive driving on the roads.

The trainer selects training program for group taking into account each student individual peculiarity. The drivers learn to identify dangers and apply defensive driving technique to decrease risks on the roads. The ways and technique are mastered at three main itineraries- city, country and free way.
Any person with driver's certificate can pass this training. The classes are conducted using all types of wheel transport.

The defensive driving course consists of the following items

  • Group discussion of accidents main reasons.
  • Practical part with defensive driving principles coaching.
  • Documents and car check.
  • Driving demonstration and individual driving with risks assessment with coaching and recommendations.
  • Obtained knowledge practice and driving improvement ways mastering.
  • Presentation at checklist.
  • Observation skills development.
  • Hidden dangers identification.
Course duration- 8 hours.
On the course completion students and manager get training practical part check list with the detailed information on the recommendations about driving skills improvement and driver risk level.

Each student who has successfully passed the course gets the certificate on the completion of the training "defensive driving - safe driving skills development".
Before the training start, we discuss the training conditions and tasks:
1) what tasks the user wants to solve;
2) amount of participants;
3) premises for theoretical classes (conference- hall, office, conference room);
4) cars for practical classes ( personal, company or rented car);
5) amount of hours for conducting of training together with entire group.
The price depends on the amount of students and training site.

About defensive driving in details

Defensive driving is a set of knowledge, ways and means for the development of modern skills for car defensive driving. The course of defensive driving lasts one day. The training consists of practical and theoretical part. This training is available for driver beginners and experienced drivers. We use adults teaching techniques during our training. Theoretical part consists of interactive training. Each student is involved at training process. Moreover, we use media files and handouts.

Training course consists of:

  • Observation methods teaching
  • Coaching with tasks and situations solution
  • Communication development
  • Danger detection ways training
  • Car position and speed control
  • Usage of car modern electronic systems
Any driver is capable to master simple ways of defensive driving and learn their appropriate application. The ways of defensive driving differ from other driving ways direction (sport, extreme, drug- racing, street- racing and initial driving) by the fact that they are used daily during driving along general usage roads.

Defensive driving ways characteristics:
Do not require prolonged mastering at specific car land fields
Used for any transport type driving, including trucks and buses
Make driving process conscious
Simplify driving process greatly
Make understandable any traffic situation for a driver
Driver is capable to prevent various accidents including the accidents where he is not guilty based on traffic rules
Make driving more sustainable
Driving becomes more smooth and comfortable for passengers
Decreases the risk of incident accidents

Defensive driving ways are better to be mastered with professional teacher.
First, the trainer explains and demonstrates performance technique and then gives student the possibility to perform the ways independently.
In order to check up the skills obtained the trainer puts simple tasks and directs students for its correct performance.
Trainer checks performance authenticity and provides positive recommendations for ways independent mastering.
Just to set an example, the most efficient way for danger identification skills training is the "driving with comments on the general usage roads". The trainer demonstrates driving with comments and then sets the task for students to define and name the objects they consider dangerous.
During practical classes the trainer adds students comments, makes clarifying questions, helping to understand hidden dangers, which had never been seen before.
This is the ways the student train controlling its attention and widens its field of risk sources identification.

Students are practicing the ways, the sequence of actions and possible mistakes correction. It gives the possibility to apply and master defensive driving ways independently in everyday life.


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