review from PEPSICO

Review from PEPSICO


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Seminars at work site

This seminar provides ideal possibility for the employees using the car for working purposes to master defensive driving principles for sure. Concentrating at the theory - the basis of correct defensive driving at modern roads this seminar is a feasible mean for all employees driving skills improvement. Video materials and interactive activities, prompting driving positive attitude and understanding the role of personality factors influence over driving security are used for perception improvement.

Seminar is conducted at Customer office.

The training includes

The first hour of seminar is devoted to the basic course of driving real risks and the way of their management. Afterwards any of the following five topics are selected. The duration of each topic makes 20 minutes:

  • Weariness and exhaustion
  • Stress and conflicts
  • Driver condition
  • Safe planning itinerary
  • Car check
  • Parking
  • Winter driving
  • Active electronic security systems
  • ZOOM observation technique
  • Dynamic characteristics
  • Crossroads driving
  • Overtaking
  • Eco driving
  • Speed selection
  • Distance control methods

Duration makes 4 hours.

Certificate is issued on seminar completion.


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